Sunday, February 21, 2010


My weekend didn't start off worth a flip. I came home an hour early from work on Thursday with a migrane that lasted 24 hours. I did not get out of bed from about 4:30 on Thursday until 3pm on Friday, except to call into work Friday morning and to do Coco's hair before she went to school. Friday night we did a whole lot of nothin!

Saturday was a different story. It was Girl Scouts Thinking Day and we went around the world. Each troop sponsored a country to learn about and our theme this year was TOGETHER WE CAN END EXTREME POVERTY AND HUNGER. Each attendant brought food for a local food pantry and they got to visit each country. At each booth they had a food, craft, giveaways about their country.
Our troop chose France. Oui Oui we did. I was great fun.

Our board about France. The Scouts in France are split up more by religious groups than just regular scouts. They still do a lot of the same things as us and their promise and law are close to what ours is, maybe a little more strict than us Americans.

Only 6 of my girls got to go and they had a blast. We had supplies to make France flags, gave out crossiants and Eiffel Tower pins.

Their a great group of girls and some have been together since Kindergarten Daisys.

We have also been up to our ears delivering cookies. Selling cookies is how the troops fund their fun and adventures so if you can please support the girls in your area by buying some cookies. If we still need to get yours to you, we will continue delivering this week.

Today we had a good church service, ate lunch at On the Border (all you can eat enchiladas for $7.99) yummy. Just what we needed before we start the diet on Monday. After lunch we took Mamie a milkshake to the nursing home. She enjoyed seeing Coco, she is not as happy when it is just me or Scott coming to see her. She just lights up when Coco is with us, even though she can't really see her. The poor dear can't see or hear, both have gotten worse over the past year. She thinks she is getting alzheimers because she can't remember which kids belong to who, but she told us stories about the tornado of 1947 and how her friend was thrown up into a tree still sitting on her couch. I like to listen to her stories and it makes me miss my Grandma even more.

Tomorrow is back to work week, another day another dollar!

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