Monday, February 8, 2010


Saturday afternoon Coco and I ventured out to go to the crafty cottage. It didn't open until 3pm so we decided to kill some time. We went to Chick Fil A for lunch and then stopped in to the new museum in Bentonville. It is currently housed in the old library building while they construct the actual museum site.

The exhibit currently showing is Heroes in Horticulture. I was not so impressed with that but they did have a interactive childrens section that we enjoyed.

The sweetest lady was working at the Massey and told us how to get to the site where they are building. She warned us that it is a 1/4 mile to the overlook.
Even in the cold we bundled up and took off down the trail. It was such a gray day that Coco was a little leary of us being out on this trail all alone. It is in the middle of town with houses all around but still kinda creepy on a cloudy gray day.

We had to cross this beautiful bridge, made to look old.

We didn't make it to the overlook but here you can see through the trees, the construction site.
She wanted to turn around before we made it to the overlook so we did and then we met 4 different runners on the way back. I can't wait to go back in the spring to use the trail for a photoshoot of Coco. It is going to be amazing once it is finished. They are going to have some famous artifacts and art.
Coco also joined the Crystal Kids Club. She got a journal and for each exhibit there will be pages she can add. All for free!
Coco couldn't understand why it would be free admission. It probably won't be once the official site is open.

We didn't get near the snow that they expected or if we did it melted once it hit the ground. I am very glad but the temps have dropped and it is still snowing/sleeting here. The roads might be nasty tomorrow.

I am reading the The Friday Night Knitting Club right now so I am going to go read for awhile before going to sleep.
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Cottage Cozy said...

What a beautiful day you two girls shared...

jenjen said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! I have heard that book you are reading is good. It's on my list!


Rhonda said...

Cocoa is so pretty! That would make great pictures in the Spring. I'm going to be taking my boys to Harbor Medows in Springdale in the Fall for a photo shoot. The trees are just stunning!

Pam said...

Rhonda, that is a great idea for Fall! I will have to remember it.