Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is the year for reading! I began 2010 keeping a list of books I read this year. I have a log on the right side of the blog of my list, with the most recent on top.

I have noticed several bloggers doing the same thing. I am so excited because I have read so many books that I am about out of ideas. I have kept my reading to what and who I know so that has become the problem. I don't want to purchase books and then not like them.

A few years ago I gave up soap operas (did it as a fast and never went back) and trashy novels (Danielle Steele, etc), I have not went back to watching soap operas but I do pick up a Steele when they come out in paperback. I used to run to Sam's Club everytime her newest book came out in hardback. I gave them up for Beverly Lewis, Karen Kingsbury, and other christian authors which I love. The problem is I have read everything they have written along with a few others.

Some of my other favorites are Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham, and Dee Henderson. As you can tell I am a lover of love stories and sappy novels.

The Bible! The one book I want and think I should be reading. I feel guilty for not reading the Bible all the way through when I read all these other books but I struggle with this every year and every year I tell myself I am going to make it.  Do you do that? I am not a morning person and would love to devote a few minutes each morning to a quiet time of meeting him in his word. I will start and last a couple of days.  HATE THIS! I usually only read at bedtime and that is when I need to relax and reading helps me to foget about the days troubles or worries and takes me to another place. It really doesn't relax me because if it is a good book I have trouble putting it down to sleep and end up reading til midnight or later. The Bible however is something I need to read slowing and meditate on!

Have you read the Bible? Did you do it with a reading plan or just straight through?

I love to read and every now and then I will do a book review on something I have read.

What are you reading?

I need recommendations!



Rhonda said...

You probably know I am trying to read the bible in 90 days. I am behind, but have decided that it's okay. The main thing I want to get from this is reading it everyday and making quiet time a priority. There will be another Bible in 90 days starting on July
1st. I highly recommend it, because this will be the first year I actually read it all the way through! I've started many times, but this will be a big accomplishment.

jenjen said...

Great post Pam! I have read the bible just through church and going through it in class there. I am really interested in reading it on a plan like Rhonda is. I think that is such a great thing!

Have a happy day!