Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have had a very busy day. Coco has has a cough for about 2 weeks and I decided it was not getting better only worse. I was also sick of my headache so I took us both to the doctor. He gave us both anitbiotics and I finally got a prescription for migraine med. Give us 24 hours and hopefully we will be on the mend. We also took her to the dentist to pick up her new retainer.

I haven't talked about the job searching since I was layed off in March. I have applied for several positions but nothing happened. I had a couple of calls on my voicemail today that I will  return tomorrow so we'll see what transpires. I think they are either temp covering for a girl having a baby or parttime. Coco is hoping I am off with her for the summer. Probably 1 of the only times I will get to do that so I would be ok with it too. Unless a great position becomes available that I just can't pass up. At this point I can't settle for a job paying 1/3 of what I making. Hopefully I won't have to settle for that ever. I know one thing this is a humbling experience in a good way.  I am praying for God's will.

Off the bed to get some much needed rest!

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