Saturday, May 8, 2010


Almost 10 years ago God granted me the best gift a woman can ask for. Becoming a Mommy!

Some things I have learned from my girl

How much I can love another person. A feeling that can't be described.

I am capable of going without sleep for long periods of time.

Unconditional love

The feeling of pride when she thinks of someone else before herself

Watching her experience things for the first time. I love watching her excitement

How much I hurt when her feelings are hurt.

Little girls are tough little buggers.

How fierce the feeling of protection is.

I am her voice until she reaches adulthood and maturity.

The beginning of the tween years.

She is very athletic and I am not.

How my dreams for her are so grand and I don't doubt she will attain them

She comes first (after Scott).

How quick she learns things.

How moody girls are, I don't remember being this way.

Girls really are Daddys girls.

She knows how to make me laugh.

Her life plans change daily and I shouldn't worry just yet.

Kids are growing up to fast now a days.

TV is just not good for kids.

Parenting is not easy.

How hard it is to remember when we ground her and sticking to it.

How much I want to give her the world.

And so much more.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Mother's day. It is one of my favorite holidays, not because of the gifts but because I will spend the day with my Mom and my daughter treasuring the gift of motherhood. Grateful to God for allowing me this gift of being a Mother. No other words are sweeter than that of Mommy!

Happy Mothers Day


Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Hi Pam,

Happy Mother's Day!

That is a nice list you compiled. So true, becoming a mom was the greatest gift.

Thanks for sharing! But, that's what moms do best!



Rhonda said...

I agree...One of God's greatest gifts...our children! Happy Mother's Day Pam! Is Coco feeling better?