Monday, May 31, 2010


Technically tomorrow is the last day of school, we gave Coco the option of not going. Before you go thinking I am a horrible parent. They haven't done anything but play and watch movies for the past few days at school. She can do that at home. She told me earlier today that she was going to school tomorrow, but then she found out her cousin will be at Nana's and she decided to spend the night with Nana. Fine by me because I feel like crud today.

Coco and I have been talking about our plans for summer. She has 3 different camps she will be attending, basketball camp, Girl Scout day camp, church camp. This is the first year she has attended any camps and church camp will be the first time for a week overnighter. We'll see how that turns out. She also informed me that she will be spending a full week at Nana's and Mimi's over the summer. I love this idea so that she gets some quality time with her Grandmothers. I think it would be a great tradition even though they both live close to us. Hopefully they can teach her things only Grandmothers can teach!

I want to have a etiquette camp with her. She needs some refreshers on how to be a lady! I hope to find fun ways to teach her so that she doesn't think it is a chore. She is wanting to more girly lately, probably a good time to review manners!

Some other things on our list are:
Visit museums in our area
Al fresco dining
Movies ( malco in our area is doing a 10am time 2 days a week for $2.00)
Have friends over
5th grade summer book
Tennis time
Batting cages
Going to the mall

I am sure we will be adding to this list as time goes by. Nothing is written in stone we are just going to hang loose and enjoy this time together. If by chance I get a job we'll still do these things just on weekends and evenings!

Are you ready for summer? What is on your to do list? I would love to hear about it.

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Rhonda said...

5 more days here! Yes, I'm counting! Sounds like some fun plans. We are going to start our chalkboard list soon!