Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Monday

Photos from Mothers Day.

Should have turned that chair from the sun.  Everyone looks kinda grumpy and we weren't. Except for that little one in the black polka dot. She was getting kinda grumpy.

I love this one. Mothers neighbor invited us to use her yard and she had this swing in one of her trees.

We have been talking about making a chore list for Coco forever. I finally got one printed out today and had it ready for her when she got home. Nice afterschool treat, huh? I had to get a photo of her doing her dishwasher chore. This was her first time to load it, usually i only have her put away. Now if I can be consistent with making her do her chores.

Whats for dinner?  Do you hear this everyday too? I made Lasagna with ground beef and spinach, salad with italian dressing and garlic bread. This is a photo in the midst of making it. Love that ricotta cheese.

Coco sat the table for us. It was very good. When Scott sat down he said " This is the 2nd time he has had my lasagna since we married 10 years ago" I tell him when something good happens I like to live with the memory instead of trying to repeat it....... JK, sort of!!!

We are expecting severe storms tonight. I have already swept out the cellar and put a new candle down there. Coco has her fun bag packed. I am off to take a shower and pack me a bag. I always prepare for a storm with my phone charged, keys to car in my purse, wedding rings etc. I don't want to have a tornado and then not be able to get in my car. This happened in our area a couple of years ago. The women couldn't get in her car after a tornado went thru and destroyed her home.
Praying Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas stay safe tonight with all the storms.


Rhonda said...

What great pics! I love the one of your family on the swing! I hate storms! Always good to be prepared!!

4shepherds said...

I made Lasagna too!! Everytime I make it wonder why I don't make it more often it is such a hit!! Even Kevin likes it! haha

Debby said...

Love the picture on the swing. Hope you didn't get a bad storm. My little granddaughter is really into playing Dorothy from Oz. She hangs on to the wall and yells,"Auntie Em, I've got to get back to Cambden."
I know it's not funny when you are in the real thing.

Tammy Lou said...

Great day I see. Lasagna I didn't know you could make that!!!

dawne said...

Yum, dinner looks great!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Happy Mothers Day - a bit late!

Very nice family pics.
Dinner looks awesome (mouth watering).

jenjen said...

What a fun Mother's Day! I loved seeing your pictures. And that lasagna looks so good!