Thursday, May 6, 2010


Monday: Coco home sick

Tuesday: Coco home sick again, ran a few errands, library, bank, etc.

Wednesday: Took my Mom to Tulsa for a docots appt. Shopped at my favorite store Ross Dress for Less. I found this store in Destin and always find lots of goodies when I go. Yesterday I found a couple of dresses, some plates for my plate wall (that will eventually come to fruition), a sweet little foot stool, some Mothers day gifts. We ate at Mimi's Cafe, I had my favorite grilled liver with mushrooms ( i know y'all are thinking GROSS but I love liver and don't ever get it except at Mimi's) I had never been to a Marshalls so we found one of those to, kinda disappointed it was just like TJMaxx.

Thursday: Jcpenneys, Walmart, Hobby Lobby getting ready for Muffins with Mom on Friday and Teachers Appreciation luncheon. I am on the PTO board so I will be helping with both of these events. Coco's softball game at 7: 30 tonight. They won 13 to 12! Made a Banana Split dessert for the Teacher luncheon.

Friday Plans: Up at 5am to get to the school by 6am for Muffins with Mom. Then will help set up for the Teacher Appreciation luncheon. Hope to meet my sister for some craft fairing. Be home in time to meet Coco when she gets off the bus. She has another game Friday night.

Saturday: Girl Scout Bazaar and blood drive to benefit Haiti Relief ( thinking this might need to be changed to Nashville) until late afternoon. Coco has a ball tournament for most of the day. I plan to rest rest rest on Saturday evening.

Sunday: Going to church with my Mom and then we are taking her out to lunch after church. If the weather is nice we plan to all go take some family photos. Enjoy Mothers Day

I am ready for next week so that I can get some rest! I wondered today how I would have gotten all this done if I had a job! I probably wouldn't be as tired! HA

I probably won't get to the computer until the end of the weekend so I wish you all a



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