Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amazing Title Goes Here

I think I got sick from the funnel cake at the fair last night.

I woke up nasty sick this morning.

Don't eat the funnel cakes at small wimpy fairs! They probably used old ingredients! Yuck

Coco and I were talking about my upset tummy and I remembered that almost every morning during the last school year. She would complain about her tummy hurting.

So I asked her why she hasn't complained about her tummy all summer.

She gets this sneaky little grin and tells me now that we are talking about it her tummy is hurting right here and points to her side.

Yea right.

She will have to think of a new excuse this year.

She's a con! But a con that I love very much.

Update on Stacy. She took the nuclear pill and is at home now. She is feeling pretty good and won't see real results for 4-6 weeks but, She had to leave her girls with Grandma for a week so she is really missing them. I don't think she has been away from the little one overnight since she was born almost a year ago. That is going to be hard for her, so please pray for peace and comfort for her and patience for Grandma.



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Jenna said...

Sorry your sick! No fun! Coco sounds so cute! Smart little girl!