Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Small Town Fun

The big fair is in town!

All 7 rides and 4 games!

Oh but Coco loves it!

They even crown a queen!

Oh I kid. The first time we went after moving here from a bigger city. We really made fun of these people, You call this a Fair?

But we have come to love this small town with its itty bitty fair!

This was the cutest carousel I ever saw. It had a giraffe and even a rooster! I loved the rooster.

Coco's favorite thing to do! I call it a rip off. $3.00 to slide down one time! Highway robbery!

The fun of this was watching her almost whacking some guy in the head with her feet! It wouldn't really be funny if she hit him but they should have moved the fence back!
Prayer request!
My cousin Stacy is having the nuclear treatment tomorrow for the Graves disease. Please pray that all goes well and that she will be ok.

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Kim said...


My dad called me Fuzzy. Johnny called me LT for long toes. My mom didn't have a nickname for me. The kids at school called me Kim Sofa for Couch.