Saturday, July 26, 2008


This is what was sitting at my desk when I walked in on Friday. A very big ugly buzzard. In the bad was Eucerin Anti Wrinkle creams. Later in the day I had this BLACK arrangement delivered. It was supposed to be a gag but it was beautiful. I am going to get some silk flowers (not black) and reproduce it for my home. It had roses, carnations, hydrangeas, daisys and the big ones I think are some sort of daisy. I loved how they used the sticks.
Me and the old buzzard. I brought it home and put it under the covers on my pillow to scare Scott when he got in bed. Probably not a picture I want him to have in our bed.... LOL

Thursday I went to mom's to pickup Coco and she made me dinner. My request was liver and onions. Yum Yum! I know i am probably alone in my love for liver. You don't know what you are missing. She also made me a lemon pie. Very good stuff.

This is my bestest friend Karen from Oklahoma. She came over for my party on Sunday. She is so amazing. We both came to know the Lord around the same time and we both are so grateful for his saving grace. We ran around together all the time when we were both single and have lots of funny memories. She married several years before me so we haven't gotten to spend alot of time together. She and her husband Ken had a dairy farm up until recently so that kept her really busy. Hopefully we can get together more since she is working more normal hours. thanks buddy for coming to see me!

I have been busy all week preparing to have a house full of little girls. We had Coco's sleepover last night so I will tell ya'll about that later.
We are off to visit with family in town from California. More later.

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Shelly R. Moore said...

Wow Pam I'm so glad to see you, its been soooooo long!! You are still beautiful to me even if you are "40"-LOL I'm so thankful that I got to wish you a Happy Birthday yesterday. You have a beutiful family and you have truly been blessed! I know that God has blessed me with memories of our friendship and many years ahead! Love you- Shelly