Wednesday, July 9, 2008


These are some pictures from 4th of July. Coco in the tutu I made for her. Isn't the red,white and blue cute!This is my cousin in law (?) Nancy wearing the tutu. She is so tiny. I hear my mama put it on too! They both need to gain some weight. I'm just sayin, you shouldn't be able to wear little girl clothes in your 40's & 50's! Yes Nancy is not 12!

I love this girl. My cousin Brian met her in Seattle and some how talked her into moving back to Arkansas after they were married. She even says "Ya'll" now. I am so proud of her. :)
This is our Mamie (Scott's grandmother) with Coco watching the fireworks. She is still looking great at 93 years of age. Love her

Not much going on around her lately. Coco has been going to VBS at the Methodist church with a friend. Scott and I seem to be in a rut because we haven't done a thing except lay around for 2 evenings.
I need some perk me up juice or something. I just have no energy, no get up an go.
Oh my gosh I almost forgot! I realized today that chocolate is giving me the migraines and headaches. While I was doing the weight watchers thing, I cut out most sugars and definitely the chocolate. Well yesterday I bought this big bar of Dove chocolate with blueberries. I ate it all between yesterday afternoon and this afternoon.
Yesterday I came home with a migraine coming on. Today after eating more of the Dove bar I started getting another headache.
I had read somewhere that this is a consistent cause of migraines. I am sad.
I am glad to know what is causing it but CHOCOLATE! How am I going to deal with a life without chocolate? I mean I don't eat it all the time but there are days that I NEED a fix. Oh it is a terrible thing. Don't you all feel sorry for me :(
Until tomorrow!

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Jenna said...

Oh my, I don't think I could live without Dove bars!! And the tutu is adorable! You're so talented!