Monday, September 8, 2008


Have you guys heard about geo caching?

We just got home from our Girl Scout meeting where one of the mom's took us to find her Cache. This thing is a big deal. If you like to hike and like a challenge go check it out here

There are cache's hidden all over the world. I think Jeep was actually giving away a new Jeep if you found theirs. Lots of fun and we will be doing this again on a much harder hunt and as they get older and can understand a GPS and how it works.

This is going to be another busy week. I am still working nights for my sister. Only 2 more this week. Thursday I get to start my photography classes that Scott bought me for my birthday. I can't wait. I took some photos at my aunt and uncles renewal of vows on Saturday night. I did get some good ones but I got some with lots of shadows.

I probably won't be back here until the end of the week.


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