Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As promised here are photos of my treasures from the dumpster.

First let me explain. My office is in a complex with lots of other businesses and I am guessing this business closed or redecorated. These chairs were just sitting out beside the dumpster. They are in perfect shape. No scratches, nicks or anything. Good solid chairs. I don't know why they didn't at least take them to the salvation army. Oh well my good fortune. I took this photo while at the office so excuse the fire extinguisher and electrical panel.

I called Scott to come by to pick the chairs up and when he got there he looked inside the dumpster and found this little beauty. I don't know what I will do with it yet but I will find it a home.
Another view.

He also pulled out a brand new coffee maker which I gave to another lady at the office and a black floating shelf with the hardware.
Maybe I could make this a business if I need to, instead of selling eggs. Oh I kid!

At least I hope it doesn't come to selling eggs and taking in borders! I should never have watched that Kit Kittredge movie, it was based on the great depression times.
I am off to a Brownie meeting. Have a great evening and watch those dumpsters you never know what treasures you might find.

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Kim said...

What a steal!! I love those chairs! Out of the dumpster - crazy what people throw away these days!!