Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today was the birthday party for Rylie and Raegan. Warning lots of photos.

This is the table with all the candy. I used Coco's candyland game board and some sundae glasses and crystal that I had to put all the candy in. Rylie went right for it and loved it.

This is Rylie with the table.
Rylie, Raegan and my Coco. Sweetest girls.
Rylie loves the camera. Isn't she adorable.
I think I had my pinkie in the camera on this one. This is Raegan with the tutu on that I made for her. She was trying to dance like her big sister. She also liked the bow and paper more than the gift. Typical child for you.

Rylie in her tutu. She loved it and wanted it on immediately. She twirled and twirled. I am so glad I made it for her.

I just love this picture of Raegan. She is so petite for a 1 year old. I could just cuddle her all day.

So thankful I could spend this time with them. Thanks Kevin and Stacy, we enjoyed seeing you too!




penny stock report said...

wow, very special, i like it.

caterpillar komatsu said...

thats amazing story.

Tammy Lou said...

What pretty little girls we have...we are blessed to have them as our family..great party sis..

Anonymous said...

Great Party!! Thanks so much, the girls had a great time! We all had a great time! Thanks again for a wonderful evening!