Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've had another busy week and I don't feel like I got a thing accomplished.

I worked all week and 1 night at the store. Have to go in this afternoon for 4 hours. I don't like being away from Coco and she really doesn't like for me to be gone but I sure like that extra cash.
I took my first photography class on Thursday. My homework was to use the shutter speed, aperture and ISO. All a bunch a mumbo jumbo in my brain. Here are some photos I took using different speeds and settings. Somehow I was able to focus on Coco and Kaylee is blurry.

See how blurry the background is.

This is my nephew Dallas and his fiance Elizabeth. He had birthday on Thursday. Liz planned a party for him on Saturday at my mom's. It is hard to believe the little boy is 23 years old. It seems like just yesterday he was following my around calling me "my Pam" and I was teaching him to tie his shoes and blow bubbles. He used to ride with me in the car and he always wanted me to drive with my knee. I was always the cool aunt until I had Coco and his adventures got more involved than whether or not he should highlight his hair.

Saturday Tammy and I had a garage sale. This is little miss Kaylee after shopping and trying on clothes at the sale. Isn't this adorable. She had her baby all wrapped up on the luggage carrier. Shes gonna be somebody someday!


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