Saturday, February 7, 2009


I rented this movie last night. It was awesome. The acting skills were a little rusty but the teachable moments were many.

I want to get the Lovedare book. What a blessing it could be to a marriage. I won't ruin it for all of you that haven't seen it. I do encourage all of you to rent it. I know alot of churches are having movie nights too.

Our DVD player in the living room wouldn't work so we had to watch it on Coco's little 14inch TV while all 3 of us were in her bed. Both of them ended up falling asleep in the middle of it. It was a great time to all be cuddled together.

Have a great Saturday and do something unexpected for your spouse today!


jenjen said...

I heard that movie as really awesome! We rented it but my husband has been out of town on business so much that we haven't seen it. I wanted to watch it together.

Hope you had a good day!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

This movie is on my Netflix list, I can't wait to see it, already got the love dare book, so I'm set! lol