Friday, February 13, 2009


Thursday I took a break from this
I should be ashamed to show this room! This is the current state of my scrapbook room, catch all, etc. Any hoo, I took a break from cleaning and organizing it to meet my sister to go to flea markets. We ended our morning here for lunch

If you are from NWA you probably recognize these steps.
They lead to this. The Tea Room (previously known as The Crumpet Tea Room). It still has most of the same features. They have remodeled some of the rooms and they are gorgeous!

We were seated in this Blue room. Just precious.

The famous Chicken Salad, Fruit Plate with Poppyseed dressing and orange roll! I want more now! It is so yummy. I could drink that dressing. JK but it is that good! I almost called our mother just to gloat about what we were eating! That would have been mean so I waited a few hours to call and gloat! Is gloat a word?? Well it is here in Arkansas, it means to boast and God help me but I was being boastful about this treat!

These are my finds from the flea markets. Federal snack plates and cups. I bought 8 sets for less than $20. My frugal thought is if I use these instead of paying $4-5 dollars for plates and cups at each event I will save lots of dollars!
I found out about these from Shannon at Bless our nest. She collects these to use for showers and parties. So when I kept seeing them yesterday I decided I needed some too. Now I will have to get my hospitality on and have some girls over to use them. As many of you know Hospitality is not my gift but I would really like it to be!
I think we are going to make this thrifting a regular thing unless I happen to find a job to support my thrifting habit. Things on the job front are not coming as easily as I had hoped.
Blessings and love


Carrie said...

Gosh Pam, it sounds like that was such a fun "day trip" for you girls!! And that food looks wonderful!! I wish we had somewhere like that around here.

And as far as your "finds". I saw those over at Shannon's blog too. How cool!!


Julie Isa said...

Glad you shared the picture pf your room, it makes me feel ok about my sewing room...your daughter is adorable. I'm surprised, I thought everyone loved Edward?