Tuesday, February 17, 2009


What do you do with the cord when you vacuum? I am usually throwing it over my shoulder or rolling it up so that I don't run over it.

After over 20 years of using a vacuum I have found the niftest little clip on my vacuum. I can't lie I didn't find it really. I was using the vacuum at the store that I work in and someone had attached the cord up near the handle. I looked it over because the cord wasn't all floppy like usual. So I came home to check mine out and sure enough it had this little clip. Here I will show you.
See how well it holds up the cord? I was just so excited I had to share it with you. You all have probably known about this little clip forever but I didn't!
The cord is not dirty it is gray so it looks really dusty in this photo.

One more tip that I found on a blog and can't remember who to give credit to. When you bring home your bananas go ahead and separate each one from the stem. They don't turn brown near as fast this way. I tried it and it does work!

I will probably be away for a few days delivery Girl Scout cookies. We picked up over 1000 boxes for our troop today and now it is time to deliver and collect! I love it that we can only get them once per year. They just taste better when you only get them once a year. I hope you all ordered some too!



Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Are you working, what store? I use that clip about half the time but it's nice to have. I'm sure many don't know what it's really for? My DIL is delivering GS cookies today too, over 2000 boxes. I'm glad it's her and not me! LOL

Carrie said...

I will go look right now for the clip very good tip! I just bought some girl scout cookies yum!

jenjen said...

Good luck with your GS cookie deliveries! And great vacuum tip!