Monday, February 9, 2009


Tonight we celebrated cookie sales at our Girl Scout meeting. The cookie mom planned lots of fun for us. We did a blind taste test, decorated cookies and played pin the chocolate chip on the cookie. The girls had a great time and were very deserving after some serious cookie sales.
This is Coco and Maggie doing the blind taste test.
Madison trying to pin her chip on the cookie. If you click on this photo you can read the poster in the back ground. It is a good one from our youth room at church.
Sweet Kimberly took her time tasting each cookie.

This is a gift to me from Coco for Valentines day. She and Nana took a walk along the creek on Sunday and found this gem for me. This is the 2nd rock she has given me with a heart shape in it. When she was just a toddler I got lots of rocks and some she even drew pictures on for me. SHE IS MY ROCK!!! Love her to pieces!
Lots of love happening at our house this week!


Carrie said...

Cute pictures I love me some girl scout cookies! Love the rock my son is always getting rocks too!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Just wanted to thank you for the lovely Valentines card you made, it's so festive, I love it! Hope your enjoying all the fun, and getting alot of cards. Love the rock, I'm a rock hound too!