Monday, February 16, 2009


I fell in love today!

With this little guy! I know what I said in my friendmakin list but God other things up his sleeve today.
Scott came home from taking Coco to school and when he walked in he asked me if I wanted a little dog? UH NO! Then he showed me this little puppy that was out in the yard with no collar. We could tell he was a inside dog because he was so little and pretty clean. Scott went to get him and brought him in. I called the local Vet to list a found dog post, no one had reported him missing so we thought we would just let him hang out until we heard from someone or just maybe we could keep him. He smelled like a dog so I gave him a bath (yes I gave him a bath). He was so funny running all around the house and following me everywhere. He got one of Coco's toys so I took it away and gave him a old stuffed dog and he would chew it and shake his little head all around. By 3pm his real Daddy called looking for him so he had to go home. We wanted him to go before Coco got home because she would be heartbroken to have to see him go. Coco really wants a dog for the house (she had a cat that peed on everything so I made it go outside) anyway when we told her about this little dog and me spending the day with him, she was on me like crazy to get her a dog. She also knew who's dog it was because she had petted it when its owner was walking the dog down our street. So I guess we will be looking for new family member soon. Please give me ideas on a good small house dog!

Here is another photo of him chewing on a ball that he found somewhere! I called him prince all day but his real name is Bailey and he lives just a street over so maybe he can come visit!

i had a comment about me choosing Jacob over Edward. I have to explain. While reading the books I was torn between the 2. In my mind I conjured up the pictures of Edward and Jacob, I was totally a Edward girl! Then I watched the movie. Girls, I like my man with some meat on his bones. My hubby is 6'4" and when I hug him I know that I will not break him! Edward in the movie was just too skinny and a little to weird looking for me! Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

I want to give a big Praise the LORD for bringing little Brayden home! Thank you Jesus!

Please come back tomorrow for a fabulous tip on your vacuum cleaner!




Carrie said...

What cutie! I know I can't help it about Jacob he is just too cute. My daughter gets mad everytime I say it she is Edward all the way!

Rhonda said...

Pam...What a cutie pie!!
I've got an award for you over at my place. Come on over and pick it up! Cheers to one of my newest blogging buddies!