Saturday, February 28, 2009


I went to Oklahoma City this week .
With these 2! My sister and mother. Tammy Lou had to go over for a meeting with the lottery board so mom and I tagged along. While she was in her meeting we hung out at the Penn Street Mall. Lots of walking and looking. I did get Coco some new coats for next year. The past 2 years I have bought her coats at Dillards for nearly nothing. Last year I got 5 coats for $59, this year it was 2 for $21. Can't beat that. I also got her some cute rain boots for $7 at Dillards.

This sign was out front of Wilson's BBQ. I had to get a photo of that! One sign I have never seen.

We also ate at here. Good food but it was very dark in the restaurant so it was hard to see what you were eating. Not a place I will be dying to go back to!

We made time to go to the National Monument where the Federal Building was bombed. They have built a beautiful monument in remembrance of the 168 that lost their lives. You can see in the blurry photo below the smaller chair represents a child that was in the building that day!

Driving down the interstate this truck comes along side us and I had to take a photo because of the color, we are using these colors in the reception I am doing for my Nephew. I wish I could find the guy and borrow it for the reception. JK but it would be a hoot!!!!
It has been snowing all day here. Crazy Arkansas weather, I was wearing flip flops on Thursday!
Gotta get to bed. I have to be at work at 6am in the morning. Coco says it is torture for her since she won't see me all day! Lets see what she says in about 8 years, she will hope I go to work all day!
Blessings to all and stay warm!


Tammy Lou said...

We did have a good time....We were blessed to get to go!!!!!!!!!!Also how do you link from one blog to another blog?

Carrie said...

That sign is too funny! Great deals at Dillards. Glad you had a fun road trip!

jenjen said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! That sign made me laugh! And great clearance finds! WOo hoo!