Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I was tucking her in tonight and she said I spit in her eye while I was talking. I apologized, kissed her and started to go out of the room.

She says " My cubicle really hurts where you spit in it"


I said " Honey it is your Pupil, a cubicle is a desk area, like what I have at work!

We both cracked up!

The other day we were driving and she tells me the following.
Coco: "If I can't find a husband I am going to go to Ebay to find one. "
Me: cough, choke "Ebay is where you sell stuff"
Coco: " I mean one of those online dating places"
Me: "do you mean eharmony?"
Coco: "yea that is what I meant"
Me: " You gotta it all figured out don't you?"
Coco: "Yep"

She keeps me on my toes, that one!

A deep thinker!



Rhonda said...

That is too funny! LOL! Find a husband on Ebay!!! Hopefully they will not start auctioning guys off by then!

To answer your ? No they didn't want anything to do with the snake. Not sure where they get that from?? hee hee

4shepherds said...

That is too funny!! The other night Kevin was out in the garage working out and Rylie came in and told me that "Daddy was out there muscling" Kids say some funny things!