Saturday, August 1, 2009


Whew, I got side tracked the past couple of days. I gotta get this done before I forget everything. I wanted to show you a couple more photos from the wax museum. See if you recognize these next 2.

You gotta know who these 2 are. I will give you a hint "Your Fired" and the other started a nasty girly magazine and dates young girls.

After the wax people we went to the Tanger outlet mall. We didn't shop much but we were there for a few hours. Old Navy had the best sales, 40% off everything in the store. I bought some workout clothes and Coco 3 outfits for very little moola. We also found her 2 pairs of cleats for softball at the Nike store. 1 pair she will have to grow into but for $7.29 we had to buy them. I will store them until she fits.
All that shopping we worked up an appetite. We went to Shorty Smalls because we had coupons and we used the free onion whatever they called it. It was ok but we won't be in a hurry to go back on our next trip. We did win a big coupon book while we were there. One of the timeshare companies works with shortys and they seat you. They give you this envelope to bring to their both after dinner and whatever is in it you get to keep, no strings attached. Well we let Coco open it and it had the coupon book. We hightailed it outa there before they could get us to talking.
We wanted to go see the Titanic but were kind of on the fence because I had heard good and bad things about it. Well, the coupon book had $2.00 off each admission so we went for it. It ended up being one of our favorite tours we did in Branson. We each got a card with a persons name on it and were told to watch for information on our person throughout the tour. There is alot of reading but we were so amazed by it all that reading was good. We could actually take our time and see all this history. Even Coco said it was her favorite too. They wouldn't allow photos so I only got some of the outside.

If you are in Branson I would recommend this. We watched the movie tonight with Coco. She sat still for the entire thing and loved it. Some of it she didn't get but she will someday.
Thanks for checking out our mini vaca. I will finish up with day 3 on Monday. I am going to scrapbook our trip tomorrow after church and I will show you some of that too.


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I'd love to go see that!

4shepherds said...

I would love to go to the Titanic Museum. I heard it is very cool!!