Monday, August 17, 2009


While we were at the Dentist last week, they removed the arms of Coco's braces because 5 of her teeth are loose. And one on the bottom has been loose for awhile. Yesterday morning as she was chomping on her toast, the bottom one came out.
We didn't think anymore about it until bedtime and she wanted to put her tooth in her pillow. I have no cash and Scott has only 20's, so whats a Mommy to do.
This the clock in my car and it is 11:10 PM not AM.

Go to the store for change. The lady was quite nice about it and I didn't even have to purchase anything.

Back at home I crept into her room to get a picture of her pillow. The flash was to bright against the white door so I had to take it without. Reason for the dark picture. I don't even remember where I found this pillow. I know I had way before we even thought about loosing teeth.

This little star on the back is where she puts her teeth and the toothfairy comes along and replaces it with cash!
In the past she has gotten $5 per tooth ( I know but she is my only one), but I had told her with the economy she might not get that much next time. She agreed that it only made sense with the downturn economy. Anyway the little stinker got $3 and was proud to get it.
That leads me to a kind of gross question. What do you do with your kids teeth when the fall out???

Do you keep them?
I will admit that I have every single one of hers in a little box in the bottom of my jewelry box. Is that gross? I don't know why I keep them or what we will ever do with them but I keep them.


jenjen said...

What a good mom you are! We started a tradition, which I kind of regret now, of giving our kids dollar coins from the tooth fairy. We thought it would make the tooth fairy extra special because she is the only one with that kind of currency. Although it does make like hard when someone loses a tooth and we don't have the coins.

I used to keep the teeth, but now I don't. I love your tooth fairy pillow - we have one that is similar and the kids love it!


Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You can always continue to keep the teeth and one day give them all to Coco and gross her out! lol

Amanda said...

I have not kept my oldest child's teeth. The other two aren't old enough to lose any yet. Sadly, I threw all the teeth away. I just couldn't bring myself to keep them. They were...gross.

That Girl said...

I do keep them but Im not sure why.