Saturday, August 8, 2009


Scott calls me on Wednesday and tells me we have plans on Friday night. He told me and Coco to be ready by 7:30 because we were going to the Drive-in. G-Force was playing. So of course when HE MAKES THE PLANS, we were ready. We let Coco invite a friend.

Sorry the photos are slightly blurry we were driving. I remember going to this drive-in when I was a kid. It also was where I went on my very first car date back in the 80's. We also had 3 more drive-ins back then that I remember going to with Mom and Dad. For $12.00 per car load you just can't beat it. I spent more on snacks than it would have cost to eat from the concession stand but we had a great time.

Hasn't changed in all these years!

We took our patio chairs to put up in the back of the pick-up and the girls had lawn chairs. Very comfy and the weather was PERFECT. We had a slight breeze all night. Oh and we saw 2 shooting stars! My first ever, so exciting
I thought this was so cool! During the intermission they played these old clips for the concession stand from the 50's! I kept thinking about the movie GREASE and their drive-in scene. We even went down front to play on the swings and such. The swings were all gone so they slid down the slide a couple of times.
Great family fun! you should go if you have a Drive-in Movie in your area!


jenjen said...

How fun! I LOVE the drive in. I was trying to get my hubby to go just the other day. I think it is so fun!


That Girl said...

this is on our list for Summer O'fun. We need to hurry up and make it happen since summer is almost over. I cant wait!!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Glad to see they are still around! Alot of fun!