Monday, October 26, 2009


First I want to say Happy Birthday to Scott. Today was his birthday and poor thing spent it all sick and stuffy!
Late Saturday afternoon we went for a drive to the lake to look at all the pretty fall colors. I had also wanted to take some photos.
This is in the Prairie Creek area. Isn't it gorgeous.

Lots of deer just grazing in yards.

I love how the trees are mirrored in the water. Need to alter this one to get rid of the boat docks.

My little munchkin with her dimples just a shining!

My 2 dream homes. I can picture myself in both of these!

The water is really up at Beaver lake.

A little Eskimo!
This is peak week for fall foliage in our area.
P.S. My lesson for the day, don't give AZO to a 9 year old girl without telling her what will happen. Poor child she thought all kinds of things were happening to her! I on the other hand can't stop laughing .

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jenjen said...

Happy Birthday to your Scott! Beautiful pictures - absolutely breathtaking. And very cute ones of your daughter - cute coat!