Monday, October 12, 2009


Scott and I got to watch the first half of the game against Auburn. I am really getting into this watching football. Our boys did so good and I am really proud since so many thought we would get beat! We played good that first half and I got a little worried in the 3rd quarter but we got our game on and brought it home!!!! Coco thought I was crazy and wouldn't call the Hogs with me. I will have to work on that girl. She did talk me into buying her a Hog jersey to wear on game days.

I love going to the games but you just can't beat laying on the couch in my razorback jammies. I can see more on tv than when we are in the stands. I also have this anxiety problem in crowds so watching from home works best for me. Now that we have the new tv it is even better. I tried watching some of the other games while we were at the hospice house later in the day but the little regular tv is very limited and I felt like I needed to be right up in front of it to see.

I took these few photos of the tv just to record our watching the game.

Loving me some SEC football.

Ryan Mallett our quarterback!
I really wanted to see the LSU vs Florida Saturday night but I didn't. I haven't even heard the outcome of the game. Oh well now you know where you can find me when the Razorbacks are playing. I have been known to watch a little Sunday NFL too. We are fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and I like to watch the Cowboys too.



Rhonda said...

Gotta LOVE those HOGS!

Rhonda said...
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