Wednesday, June 2, 2010




This is their new Mommy Coco. I think she is in love

Quite happy with them!

Today was cleaning day at the Dentist. She has about 7 loose baby teeth and 2 were ready to come out. Dr. Rhodes gave her the option of pulling them herself or he would do it. She was brave (with a few tears) and pulled them both out while we were there. I told her she could have a treat as her tooth fairy present.
I had no idea she would think of getting fish!
She did and we did!
It was a fun experience picking them out and getting the tank, rocks, hiding spots and food for them. A little more expensive than if she would have put the teeth in her tooth fairy pillow, but totally worth it!

Welcome to the family Jacob and Bella
Wonder where she came up with those names????
I was encouraging Benny and Joon but she stuck to her guns!

Fun first day of summer for us

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