Thursday, July 22, 2010


Recent converstation with Coco

Coco- Mom do you believe in gazebos?

Me- a gazebo like in Katies yard, a wooden structure?

Coco- no like when you take a sugar pill instead of the real thing.

Me - Oh you mean a placebo

Coco yea I guess thats it. Do you believe in them.

Me- Yea I suppose I have never taken anything like that

Coco- It's kind of like when mom's kiss your booboo's, it really doesn't help but you believe so it does.

Me - Yea kinda like that. Where did you hear about this?

Coco- TV

Of course we learn many things from tv!!!

I love these conversations with her. Even at 10 she is still learning. Precious memories!!!! I hope she always believes that momma's kisses will cure all!

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Rhonda said...

I love it. I ask my boys if they will still kiss me when they are teenagers. They always say, "yes". Hmmm, time will tell. I'm sure I can remind them.

I love the gazebo/placebo question! Kids are so cute!