Thursday, July 1, 2010


My baby is now a decade old. She turned 10 on Wednesday.

She asked for a IPOD Touch.

She got it!!!!
I don't think she has ever been this excited about a gift. She gave us both lots of hugs and kisses!

She is not a fan of birthday cake. I know, maybe she was switched at birth...
So anyway, I ordered cookies for her. It was also softball tournament week, we played Monday and Tuesday and I was sure we would win and play again on Wednesday so I ordered 36 cookies. WE LOST!  We made due and shared with family and our neighbors. These came from Harps. They tasted good but I was a little disappointed in the decoration. I wanted the monogram to be in script. Live and learn.
When it is your birthday Nana always cooks whatever you want. Coco wanted chocolate pie. Nana baked the crust into letters. She is not answering her phone in case Ricks calls her for a job.......

Coco also asked for Chili. End of June and this is what she asks for. Silly kid. She had the same thing last year. I always want salmon on the grill.

It has been a wonderful FULLLLLLLL week! I am so ready for the 3 day weekend and my house looks like it to.


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Rhonda said...

Happy late birthday! Sounds like a great time! What a gift.