Saturday, July 3, 2010


This past week Coco played in the end of year softball tournament. It was the first year of girl fast pitch for 10 and under age group. Her team played very well all year. I was very proud of them. I was never the "athlete" so I am glad that Coco got those genes from her Dad.

Oh so close to an out!!!

Ready for another one!

I think this ended up being a foul ball, cool sunset though

You can see the sunset even better in this photo. It was beautiful that night

Not in the strike zone COCO! She still hit into the outfield on this run, look at her she is on her tippy toes to hit it. I guess she really wanted it. This was their last game and they ended up losing by 2 I think. It was fun game. Even got me out of my seat on a few hits....

We will rest for a couple of months before Fall ball begins. I love watching her play but by the time the season is over I am ready for it to be over. Running to practices and games several times per week gets tiring. I can't imagine how you Mothers with 2 or 3 children in activities do it. Bless your hearts.

Tonight we went into Rogers to watch fireworks. It was a disappointment, we didn't find a good place to park where we could see until the very end of it. But at least we can say we went... Tomorrow we will shoot some off for Coco, maybe hit a cookout or 2 after church.

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Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Her career is just starting. My son is 16 and we are looking at baseball college programs. He is not good enough to make a living at it (we are realistic about his talent; you may have already met parents who aren't about their little Brittany Sue), but he can definitely play college ball if he wants to.

You are in the cycle already... fall ball.... so much fun ahead... winter workouts.....out of town tournaments....

Have a nice 4th!