Saturday, July 17, 2010


A few weeks ago Coco spent the week going to Girl Scout Day Camp. Even though the heat was horrible that week, they were kept well hydrated and had a blast.

Here she is on fishing day.
They walked to a nearby water treatment plant. This was not their favorite adventure. She did learn alot about how and where our water and sewage goes.

Like I said it was super hot that week. Here Gwendo and Coco were cooling off

One of the badges they worked on was Adventure sports. Springdale Jones Center has a great ropes course. This is Gwendo going up the rock wall. I didn't find a photo of Coco but she said she paniced near the top and they had to bring her down.

Another climbing adventure.

Of course they ate nutrional food while they were there. A big bowl of watermelon sounds so good right now.

Only Coco and Gwendo went to camp from our troop. I think all the girls should go next year. The last night they camped out and Friday was only half day of water play. Coco won the All Around Camper Award. So proud of her, unlike her Momma she adapts well to different situations. I would have bailed due to the heat.

One more checked off her Summer List!!!

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