Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We had a great holiday weekend. We stayed around the house on Saturday until  late when we drove into Rogers to watch fireworks.

It was disappointing. We didn't find
a good place to park so we couldn't see really well.
Sunday, we had some friends camping at the lake. We went out to see them for awhile. The lake level was really down from what it usually is.

He had is fishing boat out there and took us for a ride. Coco did not like it and he didn't even go that fast. It was because the boat sits right on the water. I loved it.

We went to Scott's sisters for dinner and fireworks that night.
Nana brought yummy donuts for dessert. I made my first ever coleslaw and baked beans. Both were semi homemade. I got compliments on both. I always worry when I make something for other people.

It wasn't quite dark when we started shooting fireworks and they were not anything big. I think Scott spent $10 bucks on everything for Coco and then her cousin Jack had about the same. It was fun to see them get excited. They were more worried about lighting the sparklers and finding the parachutes than watching the pretty colors.

I haven't mastered picture taking of fireworks and always end of with some ghostly images. I like this one of the sparklers.

Great weekend with family and friends. I missed getting to see my side of the family so we'll make up for that next weekend.

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Rhonda said...

Awww, that's too bad you didn't get a good spot. I do think there was a glitch at the end though. Mmmm, those donuts looks yummy. Boat rides are awesome!