Sunday, July 25, 2010


I spent most of the weekend in Little Rock at the Girl Scout Service Unit Conference. I have been a troop leader for 5 years and was asked to join our local service unit this year. I will be helping as the Event Coordinator. More on that later.

Friday morning before I left Coco and I got a special gift ready for the mail. When our friend Darleen past away Coco wanted to do something for her daughter Stephanie so she used her birthday money to make her a Build a Bear. When we got there she needed one too. This is her with both bears before one got mailed.

Now to my trip to Little Rock. One of the ladies that went was able to get us a executive apartment for the weekend. Which was awesome! Thanks Tammy.
When I unpacked I found this little guy in my bag. Coco didn't want me to feel alone.

These are the ladies I went with. Me always behind the camera which is not a bad thing. We had a ton of fun getting to know each other more than just through our monthly Leader meetings. They all have a great sense of humor so there was lots of laughter going on.

We each had different workshops that we went to. My first one was on Best Practices and Networking. The leader did a fun thing with yarn. She handed a ball of yarn to one girl and we through it around the room while holding onto our section which in the end showed us networking looks. Kinda of like the AT&T commercial. I will have to use this with my troop.

Another workshop I took was Girl Scout traditions. We did alot of singing and talking about bringing back the singing, service, flag ceremonies, etc. The leader of that class was hilarious, she did all these songs with actions and she was from South arkansas so her accent was really cute. I can't wait to teach my girls some of the songs I learned. The photo below is a Kaper Chart that I thought was cool. In our troops this is how we assign jobs for the girls. I have used several over the years and this is the best one for a small meeting place. And in GS you need small since I have to store all this stuff at my home when not in use.

We left Little Rock at 5pm on Saturday and drove home. The time flew by as we were all talking about the things we learned and ideas we gathered. This made my weekend at home to short but it was well worth it. I am eager to begin our troop year next month but have many things to get planned and ready before then.

Scott and Coco went to Oklahoma with his parents to look at a table for my mother in law. They visited the Frank Phillips Museum (the founder of Phillips 66 gas) in Bartlesville while they were there. Wished I could have gone with them as it sounds like a really cool place.

Today we slept in and didn't make it to church :( but I did get some cleaning caught up and then we had my birthday dinner at my in-laws tonight. She cooks whatever you want for birthdays so I asked for a taco dinner. It was delish as always. She gave me a beautiful Brighton ring with a cross on it. Love it.

Coco went to VBS at a new church tonight. She had a great time and can't wait to go back tomorrow. Please join me in praying that the LORD will speak to her heart this week. She has talked about accepting Christ before but I don't think she has really understood the importance of doing this so if you will just pray that she will be guided this week. Thanks in advance for lifting her up in prayer.

Tomorrow is back to the office. By the way I am loving my new job. I can't believe that tomorrow I will begin my 6th week there. It must be good because time is flying by.

This has ended up being a very long post. Thanks for hanging in there with me.
Have a extraordinary week!

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