Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I love the mornings when Coco and I are in the car waiting in line to drop her off for school. We have some wild conversations.

This morning it went something like this.

Coco: Mom what do you call a waitress that is a boy?

Me: A waiter

Coco: What about a Mait r de(sp?)

Me: I think it would be for boy or girl. Or host and hostess

Coco: I am going to be a DOORMAN, they make lots of money because they stand up all day.

Me: Well thats different when did you decide this?

Coco: No I will have a son named NORMAN and he will be a DOORMAN

Me: That sounds like a good plan ( while I am trying hard not to laugh)

She keeps me entertained.


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Tammy Lou said...

What sweet stories our little Colby can tell!!!!