Tuesday, January 6, 2009


From the time Scott and Coco get home until time for dinner, bath or bedtime because of this!

Coco has never been allowed to use her Christmas or Birthday money until this year! That may sound mean but we have put it in savings or CD's for her college fund since before she was born. I started her savings account with $20 I received at her baby shower. She always has way to many presents anyway. Well this year we let her use some of her money to buy the Wii and Wii Fit.
Her Wii age was 24 years old! Much weaker than she should be! Whatever, she is 8 years old! It will probably tell me I am 90 and go straight to the ER!!!!! I will have to get on it while they are away! Wonder if they could go back and see my history, hmmmm I will have to check on that! I would hate for my hubby to really know my weight!! Yes I do keep some secrets!
I am glad that we let her get the games. It is tons of fun and I am planning a wii party soon! She already has all the little mii people set up for the whole family!

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Kim said...

My Wii age is 47! I figured I'd be at least 60. We love the Wii Fit. Loren got it from us for Christmas!