Sunday, January 25, 2009


This is what we have to look forward to on Monday. A significant ice storm is headed our way. They are expecting up to 1 inch of ice. Which means a threat of power outages.
Scott is already telling me we need to go to his parents before it hits tomorrow. Their power always goes out but they do have wood heat as a back up. I am being fickle about it. I don't want to go over there. We have our gas kitchen stove and still have the little gas wall heater in the bathroom, we could use if need be. I just like to be home with my stuff, where if I get the urge to do something I can go do it. So I am hoping that the power stays on and we get to stay home.

Hoping you are all snuggly and warm on this winters night!


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Rhonda said...

Hi, coming from Kasey's blog. I'm in AR too! I was without electricity for 3 days I know a lot longer for some. ;(

Thank goodness for our fireplace!

Hope your staying warm and safe!