Friday, January 23, 2009


I am so proud of our girl! We went to the awards assembly at school today. Miss Coco received the Principals Award along with all A's & B's for the first 2 quarters of the year. The Principal Award is given to the student for character, attitude, responsibility and all around good citizen of the school. She was chosen by all of the 3rd grade teachers. This award is given to 1 girl and 1 boy out of the entire grade. What a honor for our girl. Below are a couple of photos I finally got her to stand still for.

We took her to McD's afterwards for a snack and then she went home with Mimi. Scott told me he was more proud of the principal award than the all A's and B's. He said he felt sorry for all the other parents if Coco was the one that got that award. Meaning the other kids must be really a chore since our girl is sometimes a real pill!

Proud Mama today!
Tomorrow I have some hilarious photos of her and a prom dress!!!!!!!!!


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