Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today did not go as I had planned. Coco woke up sick. I had to reschedule my interview, well he is supposed to call me back to set it up for next week. I felt really foolish cancelling due to a sick child. He is probably thinking , if she is like this for the interview I probably don't want her. Oh well I haven't heard the greatest things about that bank.

Sorry Cathy I didn't see your comment until tonight.

I did get out this afternoon to go get my Dave Ramsey book. I have read through several of the success stories and it is amazing what they have done.

I also went to Hob Lob to pick up a few items for some decorating I plan to do. I have a 1/2 bath off my scrap room with pink and green tile. Very 60's. I will try to take before and after photos. I hope to get going on it Friday if I don't have to work for my sis!

Also started on my cards for the valentine card swap that I signed up for.

Thats it for today. I have to work 8 hours tomorrow. I don't know if I can stand that! Wish me luck. Hope it goes by really fast!

I am getting so lazy!!!! I better look for a job or I won't be worth a hoot!

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