Monday, January 4, 2010


This is more like Monday night TV review.
If you were a single gal in 2010, how would you go about finding love?
Below are 2 ways from reality TV!

1. I love Jake, I think he is going to be fun to watch
2. I was impressed that he was so nervous (not arrogant)
3. I loved that he said his priorities are God, Family and Friends, in that order
The Girls
1. Most of the girls seem to be down to earth REAL girls this time.
2. Two of the girls tripped, I thought both handled it really well.
3. I think the crazy one is going to be Michelle. Come on, CRYING because you haven't gotten alone time with him and showing signs of jealousy. Watch out Jake, sleep with one eye open.
4. The girl that spoke to him in Cambodian?? Jake wasn't impressed, he sent her home.
5. The girl in the beginning that brought parting gifts of jelly beans because all the others were going home, that was rude! She is not there to make friends.
6. Roslyn?? She has some skeletons in her closet I think. Going to get interesting
I think this is going to be a fun season to watch. Lots of drama and romance. I also think and hope Jake will be one to do his romancing tastefully and respectfully. Please don't let me down Jake.
On to the other show of the night

OK I just had to watch this to see what it was about! Oh my, can you just imagine watching guys come through on a conveyor belt and you get to choose if you are Interested or Not Interested. Then you go on a date with the one you picked. If 2 girls picked the same guy then the guy got to pick which girl.
1. It was funny
2. I can't get my head around, picking a date like this.
3. Not sure if this is like a real dating show or not.
4. There are some strange characters out in this world.
I am so thankful that I am married and not in the dating scene now adays! I just don't know how I would go about meeting someone if I had to.
Would I have been willing to enter a dating show like the bachelor when I was single??
I don't know, maybe
I actually liked dating and getting to know people back then. Dating was fun and I got to go out to nice dinners (most of the time).
There is also this speed dating. That kinda sounds interesting but then again it is more like a job interview.
What happened to meeting someone at the grocery store? OK, maybe that is just in the movies.
I leave you with

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