Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have been decorating for Valentines Day.
This is 3 bags of candy hearts and I need a couple more, I didn't realize my vase was so deep. By the way I got 2 of these hurricane vases after Christmas at Walmart for $5.00 each. I wanted them when they were $20.00 but kept telling myself no. I am so glad I waited.

Here is our Valentine tree. I used this tree on my desk at work for Christmas and thought it would look great to use as Valentines.

I found all the trimmings at my favorite place of all time Hobby Lobby. My husband thinks I alone keep them in business. If only he knew! he he he he

I have spent today relaxing and working on a couple of unfinished projects. It has rained the entire day so I didn't want to get out except to walk to the mailbox. I was hoping to get a new magazine to read but no such luck. I will show you pictures of what I have been working on and some more Valentine treats. I have so many projects that are half way completed, does anyone else do this? I am gung ho at the moment but then I lose it if it is something that I can't finish in one sitting. Trying to work on not doing it this year.

I watched My Sisters Keeper today. It was a good movie, I had read the book last year and enjoyed it too. It has been so long since I read it that I didn't quite remember all so it didn't ruin the movie for me. I just love Abigail Breslin, such a strong actress for a little girl.

Ok I am off to wind down before going to bed!


Amanda said...

Love your love tree. Very very cute!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

You sound like me, can't wait to get new mags in the mail! I need to get my valentines stuff out here soon. A good deal on the candy holders there! lol