Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today was a day for Girl Scouting and Broadway.
The Walton Arts Center hosted a Broadyway Theater day for the junior Girl Scouts.
I also used the day to get some photos of Coco.
I edited them in Picnik. Love it love it love it.


ORTON-ISH is my new BFF.

Melissa and Kassie with my girls. They were wonderful teachers and so much energy!!

Part of the treat of today was getting to see A YEAR OF FROG AND TOAD. The girls in the seats prior to the play starting. It was a great children's musical adapted from the books.

I had to take a photo of this truck parked on the street. I am betting they are little bit vintage / bohemian. Think so??

 Building next to Nadine Baum Studio. I loved the green / white and black.

We had a very fun day learning about the theater. I don't know if any of my girls will take up acting and singing but it would be great if they did! It would be a great activity to take up local theater. I have even thought about auditioning for a local play but I am terrified of forgetting my lines or having stage fright once I had to perform in front of a audience. Maybe it will go on my bucket list.

Looking forward to hearing a good sermon tomorrow. Our pastor has taken a sabbatical so we have a substitute pastor that is on FIRE for the lord and getting the message out. Very powerful speaker. I am going to enjoy having him for a couple of months.

Y'all have a fantastic Sunday!



Tammy Lou said...

Great pictures of Colby.....

Rhonda said...

Love the pics! I'm going to have to try an editing software soon! I also want to take photography classes this year! Yay!

I have always secretly hoped one of my boys would have a musical talent. I love music. I am going to get Cameron in piano, he seems to pick it up quick and enjoys it. Caden seems to be a pretty good singer! We will see if there are any God given gifts there!