Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have hated our tv set up since we bought the new flat screen (that wouldn't fit into my cabinet) and we had tossed around several ideas. I wanted to have cabinets built in all along this wall, but it was out of our budget and since we hope to sell it wasn't our best option. Any hoo, Scott called me from Walmart on Thursday to tell me about this tv stand he found on sale. While we were talking (I was at another Walmart) I went to the furniture isle so he could tell me exactly what he was seeing. While there I saw that the shelves were marked down too. Long story short he bought the tv stand and 2 shelves.
Here is the befores and afters!




He took us out this afternoon to look for baskets to put the WII stuff in. I found cute baskets but he found these red boxes on clearence for $3.50 each. I couldn't argue.
I finally have a place to put my 12x12 scrapbooks, on the bottom left shelf. It is going to take me awhile to decorate the shelves but I am going to wait until I find things I absolutely love. I also have to adjust my clock to center it above the tv.
For less than $200 I have a better set up and lots more storage. I am happy with it.
Coco and I took a photography walk today and got lots of cool photos of the snow, I will post later. She is so excited because school is cancelled again for tomorrow. I have to go to work and the roads are clear once I get to the main roads.
Everyone be safe


Carrie said...

looks so good

4shepherds said...

That looks great!!!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Looks good. I have those same shelves in my library, I love them.

That Girl said...

That does look good!