Friday, January 29, 2010


Snow day means craft day!

I am making rice bags for heating or freezing to put on your achy spots. I needed one of these for a migrane this morning. I made the bag with linen colored cotton fabric. Filled with plain white rice that I enfused with peppermint oil. I put the rice in a bowl and put several drops of peppermint essential oil. I let that sit for a couple of days.

Then I made pillowcases to put the rice bag in. If it gets dirty you can wash the case. These are smaller for use on a small owie, headache or you can freeze, put over your tired eyes!
I am also going to make some larger ones for big owies! Waiting on my rice to infuse! I am going to make some up for little gifts or to take to someone that is sick.
I am stuck waiting for more rice to infuse. Note to self infuse rice in large quanities!
Now Coco has taken over my sewing machine practicing.
I will have to find something else to work on!

Soap making????
We'll let you know!


Rhonda said...

Yes, perfect day to be crafty! Cute rice bags! I think one would feel so good right now on my neck!

Enjoy all the snow!

4shepherds said...

I have a sore neck can I get one of those!! PLEASE!! LOL

Anonymous said...

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