Wednesday, January 27, 2010


If you live in Oklahoma or Northwest Arkansas you to have probably been preparing for the ice/snow storm that is supposed to hit tomorrow. I am all for a snow day but ice I do not want.

We have prepared for the worst! At least I think we have.

We have our kerosene lamp and candles ready!
Lots of batteries.
Plenty of easy to prepare food.
Cell phones charging
Camera battery charging
Gift for Coco in case the power does go out, she will have something new to play with.
Soap making supplies if we get to stay home.
Ink so I can print photos at home and scrapbook.
Cute little houndstooth rain boots. (just for me)
Gas in the car and truck.
Gas heater (installed after last years ice storm)

I think we are as ready as can be. Our weather men are predicting 3/4 inch of ice and up to 10 inches of snow for us. You know they are wrong so often but I am afraid this time they may be right. I will enjoy the time with family and if we lose power for days on end we'll pretend we are Pa, Ma and Laura Ingalls, without the cows to milk and Nellie Olsen to harrass us and with cute houndstooth rain boots.
Hope you all stay warm and safe throughout this storm.


Rhonda said...

Yes, we are gearing up too! Sounds like you are prepared!

Lamp Tramp said...

Hope all goes well as you wait out the storm. Got lots of relatives that are or will be hit also. Don't get too much cabin fever!

jenjen said...

Pam - I hope you are keeping warm! Be safe!