Friday, January 15, 2010


Yep that is where I have been. Actually I have been lazy this week and watching to much reality tv. Scott and I watched Jersey Shore for like 2 hours last night, yes I even chose it over Project Runway!

Enough of that!


I can not even imagine what it is like down there. I have also watched alot of Anderson Cooper this week. My thoughts keep turning to what if that were my home, my family, my children. I want to do SOMETHING!!! I want to get in the car and go, mission work scares me to death! But that is how bad I want to help, I feel like I am just sitting here in comfort when so much needs to be done there.

I can't go but I what I can do is send money, I have $10.00 that I can text Haiti to 90999 to give $10 to Red Cross. It will be charged to your next cell phone bill. Easy Peasy. You can also text disaster to 90999 to give $10 to Compassion International. They said tonight that before the earthquake there were 400,000 orphans in Haiti. Now that number will surely increase. This just breaks my heart. Why don't they bring them all to us and make it easier to adopt???  Seems so simple to me!

You can also get on your knees and PRAY for these people, the doctors, nurses, mission workers, volunteers, etc.

There is also a church in Springdale accepting donations of items that will be taken to Haiti. It is Victory ____ on 48th street. They will be accepting donations all through the weekend. For a list of items requested go to

Whatever you do don't stop praying! This is not going away anytime soon and they need our help now and for days, months, years to come!


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jenjen said...

I have been thinking about those poor people so much. I watched CNN all night Friday and last night. So sad. It makes out problems seem so small...

I have never seen Jersey Shore, is it good? I love Project Runway -- one of my favorites. I'm so excited about the new season!!!