Sunday, June 6, 2010


We went grocery shopping today. We went out to eat so that we wouldn't go hungry, we spend more when we go on a empty stomach. When we go to the store together, all 3 of us we end up spending a lot more than we needed to. Eating out before didn't seem to help today's bill was $186 after our Walmart discount. HOW????

Here was our list
Chick peas
Tahini (they didn't have it)
Roasted Red peppers
Blank CD's (forgot them)
Lien Cuisines
Light Bologna
Sliced Cheese
Minced Garlic
Toilet Paper
Grill Inserts

Ok we got that plus
Shirt for Coco
Fly Strips- lots of flys get in our garage ewww
Mouse glue boards - use them around the house to catch spiders or any little critters that get in
Magazine X 2
Danielle Steel paperback
3 boxes of cereal
dish soap and diswasher soap
bath soap
Hair bands
Pizza Rolls
ice cream
ice cream sandwiches

I am sure I have forgotten something and most of the extra stuff we really needed but with me not working we can't afford to keep having weekly bills like this. It is usually anywhere from $120 to $200 every single week. I had bought meat last week and didn't cook alot so we have chicken, fish, burger and steaks in the freezer, thank goodness or our bill would have been $250 or more.

I would love to be able spend about $80 per week, it would be hard but doable.

What does your weekly grocery bill look like? What tips do you have to save money on grocery day?

We shop at Walmart because we are in Walmart country and we get 10% off on non food items. Would I save money if I shopped at a grocery only stores?

Need your help? Please leave me some tips on how we can get our grocery bill down.


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Sue@CountryPleasures said...

That does sound high for what you got? Do you have a Aldi's close by? I know our Walmart has slashed prices on alot of things, but I take the wed. ad papers and hit each store for their sale items that we need, I also stop at the salvage store for canned goods and such,and the bread store for bread. We eat cheap, but I'm still used to cooking for 7 even though it's just the 2 of us now, so we eat lots of leftovers!