Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

We have had a great Fathers Day. We didn't spend it in the tradtional way. Scott has been so busy with working his fulltime job and his mowing business he wanted to stay home and work around the house. We cleaned out the garage and our storage building in the back yard. His Mom and Dad came over this afternoon with ice cream and all the fixin's. We took a break to eat sundaes with them.

I couldn't not have asked for a better Father for my daughter than Scott. He is a very hands on Daddy. He loves Coco with all his heart and he shows her this everyday. Below are a few snapshots of them.

Putting up a tire swing for her in our backyard

He is always game for a bike ride with her.

He is also a very good grandson.

I lost my Daddy to Heaven 9 years ago. I so wish he could have been here to see his grandchildren grow up. He battled alcoholism all his adult life so our relationship was never as close as it could have been. He and Mother divorced when I was 15 and after that I didn't see him alot.

 He was a good man and always provided for us by working hard.

He taught us to work hard and know the value of a dollar.

 He always called me punk er dunk, who knows where it came from.
I was supposed to be born a boy and he was going to name me John Wayne, I was always glad to be a girl.

When I was really young I was a real tomboy and followed him around doing what he did. I remember telling my Mother that Daddy didn't have to wear a shirt so I didn't either so I ran around without one. Thank goodness we lived out in the country.

He always put out a huge garden that we would have to help in. One of the only spankings he ever gave me was with a potato vine in the garden for sitting on my rump playing in the dirt. I know I probably deserved it and many more that I didn't get.

He would take us swimming at the river and swim with us on his back. He took us to the annual Rodeo and the county fair every year.

We had a good childhood even though it was shadowed by the alcoholism. It makes me sad that he could never beat it. That we missed out on having him in our lives when we were older. My sister and I were with him daily during the last few weeks of his life, unfortunatly the alcohol and the other ailments took his mind those last few weeks too. I know that during one of  those few times his mind was right he accepted Christ and for that I am very grateful.

I will choose to remember the good times because there were many with him and be grateful for the things he taught me even the things he didn't know he was teaching me.

I wish my wonderful husband and father in law a very Happy Fathers Day and all the Daddys out there.



Jessica said...

I know you miss your daddy today! I'm sure he is super proud of you and Scott and your family. : )

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

I lost my dad years ago too, but we are what we are because of where we came from! Nice post and memories!

Southern Fried Gal said...

What a lovely post to honor your husband and dad. I'm glad you could see the good through the alcoholism. Have a blessed week!

Debby said...

It is so hard to celebrate Fathers Day when your father is in heaven. Mine died five years ago. He had Alzheimers, but had also been a heavy drinker. I was the bad sheep in the family because I didn't drink. But in those later years when he had
Alz. he forgot about drinking. He would light up when he saw me and wanted to be by my side constantly. It was such a wonderful time for me. Hard to imagine that this illness would be a good time. He failed each year and when he died I felt a peace in my heart and still do. So glad that I had the good moments.....and it sounds like you did as well.
Sounds like your day was a fun the sundae idea. ((((HUGS))))