Saturday, June 26, 2010


I slept in until 9am this morning. It felt so good after being up so early everyday last week. The first week of the new job went very well. I worked at this bank 12 years ago and it was nice seeing some of the people that are still there now. On Monday all employees received a email from the owner labeled "The L Word" he had written about christian love and how the world needs to see more of it. He quoted a couple of bible verses in his email. That was so wonderful to know you are working for Christian people.

Today I had planned to stay home for some r&r. I spent a couple of hours working on troop files for Girl Scouts while Scott worked in the yard trimming a tree. He made Coco help pick up the limbs.

She was not a happy camper. She kept whinning about sweet gumballs falling on her and sawdust. This is proof of our child labor. Don't take that wrong she is really not overworked by anymeans.
I asked her to pick the green beans. She picked a few.

I made hummus for lunch. I ate hummus for the first time recently at Jason's Deli and loved it. What I made today was roasted red pepper hummus. It was also the first time I have used my food processor that Mom gave me several years ago.

This was how we ate it. Scott thought is was ok, Coco didn't care for it. I liked it but next time I will add more red peppers and spice it up more. I will be taking it to Mom's for lunch tomorrow and maybe once all the flavors have time to meld together it will be better.

Buddy got a trim and a bath today. He hates getting a bath and as soon as they are done he goes to roll in the grass and dirt.

Coco played with the water hose after they got done. Fun times of summer.

We are going to the tennis courts later. I want to wait until it cools off a little more. I got her a racket and balls for Christmas so she has waited a long time to use them. Scott and I are going to double against her so we don't have to run around as much. Isn't that the laziest thing you ever heard!!! Just keeping it real.


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Rhonda said...

My boys want to go to the tennis court this summer too. I like your teaming up strategy! ;o)

That's awesome you work with some christians and people who were there 12 years ago. Glad it's going good!